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People, Process & Technology that is what Knowledge Avenue represents. Effective knowledge management strategies which ultimately drive organisation performance requires synergy between these 3 pillars. 

Regardless of organisation size, enterprises today face mounting pressure to develop & retain these 3 pillars to compete effectively.

When most people visualize knowledge management or business analytics , they think of computers, software and printouts or screens full of numbers. What they should be envisioning, however, are their fellow human beings.

It is people who make up the major composite in true knowledge management.Much of the daily work of an analytically focused strategy has to be implemented by people without PhD's in statistics or operations research. A key issue, then, is how much sophistication they need to do their jobs? Of course, the nature and extent of needed skills vary from companies to industries.

In Knowledge Avenue, we empower the people of our client to gain analytical know-how in achieving the ultimate goal. 


Professionals in Knowledge Avenue strongly believe in transforming the ability to compete on analytics into lasting competitive edge for companies.

We combined the best of breed analytics tools, modeling and methodology to provide companies with an end-to-end knowledge management solutions that are relevant in improving real business values. 

Our methodology starts off with assessing the degree of analytical competition by adopting the Five Stages of Analytical Modeling. (Contact us for more information)

Knowledege Avenue will assess the various approaches to help our customers gain competitive advantage with data.  

For example:
Collecting unique data over time about their customers and prospects that competitors cannot match

Organising, standardizing and manipulating data that is available to others in a unique fashion

Develop proprietary algorithm that leads to better, more insightful analyses

Benefits of successful analytics will help companies become:
- Hard to duplicate
- Unique
- Adaptable to many situations
- Better than the competition
- Renewable